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Artifice Page 56

Artifice Page 56 published on 117 Comments on Artifice Page 56

You probably saw Deacon’s declaration coming before Jeff did. In Jeff’s defense, though, outside of his Mom, this is the first time someone’s ever said this to him. And really, who could question those pretty Panel 8 eyes? We have new Fan Art by ~MrFluffysnout! It’s Jeff, naked and “Posing For The Artist” (click ~MrFluffysnout’s… Continue reading Artifice Page 56

Artifice Page 59

Artifice Page 59 published on 129 Comments on Artifice Page 59

Yikes. Looks like Maven’s bringing on the red-outlined speech bubbles. I’d cringe too, Deacon… We have new Fan Art, “Artifice Kiss” by long-time commenter and friend of Artifice, Enkidu! It’s Deacon & Jeff, half-naked and yes, kissing! Closet yaoi fan-girl Maven says you should totally check it out. Thanks, Enkidu! The donation bar is now… Continue reading Artifice Page 59