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Artifice Page 51

Artifice Page 51 published on 173 Comments on Artifice Page 51

Actually Deacon could, but that would at the very least add a rather unromantic note to their pillow-talk…

We have new Fan Art from long-time commenter EmperorMeiji, who wished to be credited as the “founding member of the Clarice Maven Appreciation Society”. And his art got me to laugh out loud. More than once. (Even my use of red outlines on the word balloons gets lampooned.) So you should totally check it out. 😀

Special thanks go out to long-time supporters Karen H., Brian d., Danielle D. & Kelly R. and new supporters Ciana C., John H., Tajuana M., Mary P. and Diane G. for their generous donations over the last few days bringing our donation bar up to $153. (And as I mentioned on Wednesday, thanks to those who donated previously, there will be a bonus page this Wednesday, November 23rd—page 52!)

And as I also mentioned on Wednesday, I’m going to have a table at BENT-CON on the weekend of December 3rd and 4th, where I’ll be selling our first ever Artifice prints, including a canon scene involving Deacon and Jeff that’s too steamy for this ad-friendly webcomic. (And it’s also my first time ever putting up a table, so I sure hope some of you will come and say hi! 😀 )

And finally, I just have to comment on Winona’s fabulous art on this page: Panel 1 has one of my favoritest Jeff/Deacon poses: it’s super sexy, super-intimate and super-sweet all at the same time. (And she totally nailed one of my tougher expression requests: “Deacon, looking up at Jeff, matter-of-fact and pedantic, but the humor doesn’t escape him.” Making that happen is like asking for a recitation of the Gettysburg Address from memory while juggling flaming bowling pins. She is such a rock-star!) And then that laugh in Panel 2! So awesome!

This was another one of those pages that, as a writer, felt so amazing to get the pencils of. And even now, as I look at it, I stop being “Word of God” or whatever I’m supposed to be and instead am simply another reader like you all, just enjoying the romance between these two. With the opportunity to connect with such thoughtful and insightful folks like yourselves and the opportunity to collaborate with such an incredibly brilliant artist like Winona, I really do feel like the luckiest comic creator on the planet.

Just saying. 🙂

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