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The Leaderboard of Awesome

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We’re able to make this comic due to the very generous support of your fellow readers who have become its Patrons on Patreon and I (Alex) am very grateful to each and every one of them.

I’ve created this page to give my very special thanks to those who are offering Patreon support that is exceptional. Please extend to them your own special thanks for supporting this work!

All of you are indeed awesome! Thank you!


E. Michael Kera
Robert Hulshof-Schmidt
Mary Claire E.


Dave Fragments
Rae Ma
Gary Beck Dallaghan
Daniel G.
Sam Black
Jim M.
Barry Farrington
Michael Bukraba
Adam I.
Cotina S.
Bob Wheatley
Rich Macy
Andy N.
Joan P.J.
Jason Arilani
Mark H. Blair

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