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The Young Protectors: Fallen Chapter One—Page 21

The Young Protectors: Fallen Chapter One—Page 21 published on 34 Comments on The Young Protectors: Fallen Chapter One—Page 21

For when “caring for livestock” means really caring for livestock…

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So! Cory’s ticking down the list of all the ways he’s screwed right now. I’m sure he thought it got it all covered. But apparently the hits just keep coming!

Why is Karthak taking off his clothes? What is he going to do next? And what is Cory going to do about it?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you then! 😀

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Comments From The Young Protectors Community

  1. Avatar for Nate Nate says:

    Has Cory ever taken a survival course in Siberia?

    Maj. Anya Amasova: You don’t have to worry about me, Mr. Bond. I went on a survival course in Siberia.
    James Bond: Yes, I believe a great number of your countrymen do. What did they teach you?
    Maj. Anya Amasova: That it is very important to have a positive mental attitude.
    James Bond: Nothing more practical than that?
    Maj. Anya Amasova: Food is also very important.
    James Bond: Mhm. What else?
    Maj. Anya Amasova: When necessary, shared bodily warmth.
    James Bond: That’s the part I like.

    The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977

  2. Avatar for Klaus Klaus says:

    It seems like he does expect to be literally screwed. But we know that Karthak has noticed that Cory is cold. On the other hand, this is labeled as a romantic story, so maybe later.

  3. That’s fun, Nate. Maybe I’ll have to check that movie out. If I’ve ever seen it, it’s been years. :slight_smile:

  4. Avatar for Tink Tink says:

    The colours really make a difference here… blue skin!

  5. herding sheep’s a good workout? eyes emoji
    lmlmlm That Escalated Quickly-- but it’s just the language barrier. …I think :B

  6. Avatar for Nate Nate says:

    I prefer the Connery & Brosman eras, but sure, why not? :wink:

  7. Avatar for dswxyz dswxyz says:

    Several minor unrelated thoughts:

    • I’m not sure why Karthak isn’t just fetching a blanket.
    • I really don’t understand how a person with wings can wear a cape. Even a pullover shirt seems awkward even if does have a hole in the back. The way they all fit together suggests that the wings and clothes are just casually ignoring each other and never getting in the other’s way. The benefits of cartoon physics.
    • If you want to get undressed, Karthak, please, go right ahead.
    • “Don’t have a cow, man.”
    • I wonder why Cory can’t use his powers. It’s not just because he’s cold and exhausted, is it? Did he injure himself fighting the dinos? Or perhaps there’s some inhibitor device nearby. If so, I wonder what it could possibly be?
  8. Interesting theories on the clothes. I don’t think on that plane! Love it thought!

  9. Glad you like the blue, Tink! :slight_smile:

    We shall soon see…

    Most likely for the same reason he didn’t get Cory a cup. :slight_smile:

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