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The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter Three—Page 28

The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter Three—Page 28 published on 32 Comments on The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter Three—Page 28

Something tells me Amanda wont appreciate being referred to as the girlfriend

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So! Spooky is not one to hog all the credit, but Ambrosia sure wants to give it all to him! Was Amanda right to intervene? How will she react to being referred to as Spooky’s girlfriend? And will Ambrosia ever know how to properly thank them all for their help?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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Comments From The Young Protectors Community

  1. Avatar for Klaus Klaus says:

    It is nice to have the link to the community page back.

  2. Avatar for Nate Nate says:

    That’s a very Sircea line by Ambrosia in the last panel. I’m just sayin’…

  3. Was it missing on one of the pages, Klaus?

    You think so, huh? :slight_smile:

  4. Avatar for Klaus Klaus says:

    There was no link to the community page on the page 27 preview. And the site is rather difficult to navigate.

  5. Oh my goodness. “Less than two weeks” again? A birthday… again? Less than two weeks is how long Mitch has left to live in the past. Less than two weeks is how long Spooky and Cassidy “lost time”. And birthdays have magical potential. This is all going to climax, in one way or another, with some big spell happening on Spooky’s 16th birthday, isn’t it?

    I don’t believe that Ambrosia is Sircea, but it’s clear that she really wants to get intimate with Spooky for whatever reason. Perhaps it’s just greed, and she thinks it would be to her advantage to have a magic user at her beck and call. But maybe her motivations are something else and I’ve having trouble imagining what they could possibly be.

  6. Good to know. Sorry about that. If that happens again, please email me. I’ll get it fixed.

  7. Good boy Spooky!!!
    Ambrosia boutta kiss a minor: yikestm
    “oh are u the girlfriend”: extra double yikestm (part of me would love to see Amanda deck her but I feel like that’s A. a bad idea, and B. not like Amanda :o)
    the twin glares in panel 1 are great, panel 4 made me cheer for mah girrrllll, and everyone’s expressions in panel 5 make me laugh a lot and I dunno why. idk, the ladies facing off, Mitch’s side-eye at Spooks and Spooks blush-- what a combo (ꐦ ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )

  8. Yay! You got the fun stuff we were hoping you would! :slight_smile:

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