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The Young Protectors: Double Cross Chapter Three—Page 110

The Young Protectors: Double Cross Chapter Three—Page 110 published on 68 Comments on The Young Protectors: Double Cross Chapter Three—Page 110


Please note: These are work-in-progress colors. Vero should get me the final colors soon.

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Ahem. OK. So that’s The Platinum Priestess. Old-school Platinum Priestess. The one who worked with The Annihilator to send Kyle to Hell at the worst possible moment. Before she shot Flyboy out of the sky, consummated a deal with a Devil, and went blonde.

What is she doing here? Is that necklace hers? Does she know Teen Spooky? And if so, what are they to each other?


Tune in in a few months to find out, because this is the end of Chapter Three and Double Cross penciler Adam DeKraker has requested a short break before we begin Chapter 4!

But, in the meantime, definitely tune in this Saturday to pick right back up where we left off with our Young Protectors side story, Fallen, with linework by guest artist Gabriel Mayorga and featuring reluctant, telekinetic hero, Cory Alvarado, and his new, true blue friend, Karthak! I’ve already posted the first 26 pages of Fallenyou can get caught up here — and now it’s time to finish Chapter One. Hope to see you there! 😀



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Comments From The Young Protectors Community

  1. Avatar for Tink Tink says:

    Nice cliffhanger.

    I hate it when authors do this :wink:

  2. Avatar for Klaus Klaus says:

    This is what Shades has been waiting for. Now he lassos PP and leaves.
    No, I don’t think he will. The chapter ending here gives it away.

  3. Avatar for Nate Nate says:

    Oh, that is EVIL of you, Alex.

    I totally approve. :grin:

  4. Ok, there’s a shock! Really? PP doing two good deeds? The date with the annihilator and red hot? As to the supposed good deed here? The world comes to a halt!

  5. Endings are important to me. I wouldn’t do a cliff-hanger at the end of story. (And I would argue that the end of Artifice is not a cliff-hanger, since I’m very clear that Jeff and Deacon make it.)

    But for the end of Chapter 3 out of 5? Any ending with punch is almost certainly going to be at least cliff-hanger adjacent. :wink:

    Interesting thought. Then would Teen Spooky need to save her?

    I am pleased you approve of my evil.

    I’m not sure Kyle would consider that a “good deed,” Bill. :wink:

  6. Ah!!! What a great twist! I was really expecting one of the demon-folk we’ve encountered in other portions of the story to pick back up, I’ll admit. Hadn’t even considered the Platinum Priestess. Can’t wait to hear where we go next after this big reveal.

    Also glad to see that we’re bouncing back to the side story. Seems like a nice way to keep the story funnel flowing while also giving our artists some time off periodically so they don’t get burnt out. Nice management.

  7. FAB-U-LOUS!!!

    She can really make an entrance.

  8. Okay. Wasn’t expecting her. Although maybe I should have? We did know they met prior to Engaging the Enemy. I suppose that chalice was platinum, then? And I guess it acts as her private phone number. I now wonder if Duncan had (has?) a similar token, but I don’t remember seeing him with any jewelry when he bedded Kyle. And I’m also wondering if Spooky did a favour for Sircea prior to this, and if not, under what circumstances did Sircea give the necklace to Spooky.

    hmmmm. Shades had possession of the Celestial Sphere in the church at his first appearance, but the Platinum Priestess had possession of it (or effective possession of it) during the Oregon graveyard battle. Makes one wonder how that transfer happened and when.

  9. SCREAMS !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!
    Deal with the devil? Not too far off… And what a masterful place to end the chapter, omfg

  10. Thank you, Adam! I’ve been waiting literally 3 years for this page to be posted. And everyone’s reaction is making the wait totally worth it. :slight_smile:

    I’m glad you’re glad, Adam! It is nice to give the linework artists a break, especially after such an intense scene. And, for me, it’s nice to have a shift of tone every now and then. Double Cross does have humor, but focuses on action and drama. Fallen is more more romantic and comedic, overall. That help me recharge my batteries too.

    No one can make an entrance like The Platinum Priestess, James. :slight_smile:

    All good thoughts, and all good questions, David. :slight_smile:

    Thank you, Julia. I’m really glad you think so. :smiley:

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