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The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter One—Page 53

The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter One—Page 53 published on 42 Comments on The Young Protectors: Double-Cross Chapter One—Page 53


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The only reason I’m able to keep making The Young Protectors is because of the very generous support of readers like you on Patreon. And we had a bunch of new folks sign up over the last few days! So, please join me in sending out a very special thank you and welcome to the new members of the Woolfpack this week!

 Script2Screen, shay, syllibub, and Kevin O. 

Thank you so much for your amazing support,  Script2Screen, shay, syllibub, and Kevin!

Thank you all so much for your amazing support! You and the other members of the Woolfpack are all the real superheroes of this comic!

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An Announcement

As many of you know, I’m hoping to increase our readership by starting a big advertising push soon. So, I’ve been working behind the scenes to try to make this site more friendly to new readers.

I’m working to clean up our FAQ, creating a special landing page for new readers, and a bunch of other things.

And, after checking in with some long-time readers, I’ve decided to unpublish the blacked-out, censored versions of Legendary: Chapters One and Two.

Why did you decide to unpublish the blacked-out, censored version of Legendary on this site?

I removed those pages because I was getting emails and confusion from new readers. Unlike an experienced readers, I’ve found most new readers don’t bother to read my notes under the pages. So, I was getting questions and complaints about why the art style had changed so drastically from what they were seeing in “Engaging the Enemy.” And why the pages were suddenly full of blacked-out sections.

And then, of course, the bulk of my work is not explicit at all, so having a bunch of pages that felt like porn—blacked-out porn, no less—right after new readers finished the first arc of The Young Protectors was creating the wrong impression. It was a bad look. People who might love what followed wouldn’t actually continue with the story.

There are currently over 700 pages of comics on this site. And it’s important that new readers have a good, clear experience so they (hopefully!) become long-time readers. So, I started working on ways to make the flow of this site more friendly to new readers.

That’s still a work-in-progress, but so far, I’ve cleaned up some menus, turned the SFW “Legendary: Chapter 3” into its own standalone comic called “Spooky Jones: Past Sins.” And I’ve unpublished the censored first two chapters of Legendary, and replaced them with a summary.

But what if I want to see those censored pages and their comments?

EDIT 9/21/20: Originally, I had figured that since long-time readers had already read those pages well over a year ago, that they wouldn’t be missed. But I received a few concerns from readers about this, and since it was clear there was interest, I decided to make those blacked-out pages available again for long-time readers on a separate site. I then kept that site online for over a year, where it received almost no traffic. It was becoming a hassle to maintain and a security risk as well, so in September of 2020, I decided to take it down. After making those blacked-out pages available for 2+ years, it was time. There are really great summaries of the content of those chapters still available. And folks who really want to read the actual pages at this point can join me on Patreon and see them as they were originally intended to be read — with nothing blacked out.

What about “Legendary: Chapter 3”?

It’s still here on the main site. I’ve just renamed it “Spooky Jones: Past Sins” so it can be it’s own “standalone comic.” It doesn’t actually have any 18+ content in it, and this way folks who aren’t into the sexy stuff won’t be scared off from enjoying a Young Protectors story. (And one I’m very proud of.)

I’ve also included a Summary of the Legendary story right before it, so readers who don’t want to read a sexy comic can get caught up on the plot stuff.

You can read that Summary here.

And you can read Spooky Jones: Past Sins here.

What’s next?

I’m still working on that landing page. (Edit 9/21/20: It’s done!)  I’ve published over 700 pages of comics on this site, so it would be good to give new readers a one-page overview and guide.

And I’d like to include some full-page directions at the end of each comic about what they should read next. I often get questions about that. And some readers get to the end of “Engaging the Enemy” and don’t know that there is more to The Young Protectors story.

Um, have you lost your mind?

Maybe. 🙂

The truth is, since Project Wonderful went down (almost two years ago), I haven’t been advertising our work, and so we haven’t really been bringing in new readers. And we need to if this comic is going to continue.

While I’ve been working on ways to promote this site to new readers, I’ve been faced with the daunting task of how to make over 700 pages of work here accessible, easy to follow and not overwhelming. What I’m doing now is my best stab at it.  I’ve gotten some feedback from the members of the Woolfpack on Patreon about what I should do, but maybe there’s a better way. Or things I can do in addition to make sure that folks who would love our comics actually read enough pages to be able to love them.

As always, let me know your thoughts

Please share your thoughts in the comments. Nothing is written in stone. And if you’ve read this far into one of my notes, you’re clearly one of my most dedicated readers.

If you think keeping a bunch of blacked-out, sexy pages on this site is the best look for new readers, you can tell me. If you think I should add or change something to the Summary I made, you can let me know that too. Or anything else you think might help.

Let me know how you think I should let readers like you know that these comics are for them. As always, I’m listening. And I trust y’all. 🙂


Enough with past comics! Let’s focus on what’s happening here!

So! Seeing Mitch hurt has pushed Cory beyond the breaking point. And now he’s unleashing his full power. And the last time he did that, it nearly ripped apart a city.

Will this be a good thing? Or a bad thing? And will anyone live through it?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 😀

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Comments From The Young Protectors Community

  1. Now that’s a bigger explosion than I expected. I’m guessing Cory didn’t go out and practice that magical power.

  2. I’m grateful that Cory could stop those minion’s magic and Mitch isn’t further harmed for now but the huge blast he used to do that does concern me >____< I hope he can gain better control of his powers soon!

  3. Avatar for Nate Nate says:

    Called it! :sunglasses:

  4. Avatar for Klaus Klaus says:

    Where is the last kid? We know there is one left.

  5. Cory has zero training. Even on his own.

    It’s concerning Mitch too. :smiley:


    We’ll soon find out.

  6. Okay. Cory just, uh, powered through his difficulty? We just learned from the recent Spooky vs. Platinum Priestess battle that power isn’t everything, but obviously it does count for something, probably more often than not.

    The tendrils have been split up into short threads and blobs, no longer connected to their source donors. I’m guessing that the magic has a good chance of dissipating now? But this is magic, and there’s also a horrible chance that those red fragments will each grow into new tendrils à la Mickey Mouse’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Oh, that probably won’t happen.

    There’s also a chance that Mitch is infected magically now. Remember back in , Spooky needed to check Kyle out for any lasting spell damage, so this is definitely a problem that needs to be addressed.

    I also feel, just from reasons of plot, that although this does look good and we’re on the home stretch, instead we’re just getting started. I honestly think that we’ll see ‘the master’, whoever he is, before this is all over. He will probably manifest via one of five possible targets: the bone artifact, the last unrescued child, the crazies, Mitch, or Cory. Anyone care to place odds on which?

  7. That explosion reminded me of a story about a brush fire that a friend told me. If there is a steady wind from one direction, then the brush fire will propagate in a triangle shape. That is being blown by the wind and spreading outward. The “shape” of the burn forms an arrow pointing to the origin. It seems to me that Cory’s blast is directional and triangular and is going take down trees, headstones, (in short) anything in its path.
    (I can’t be sure about that description of the fire because that friend was a true Mel-Brooksian Stand-Up Philosopher… But all those trees will be pointed away from Cory.)

    Big No? Check.
    Super-effective critical hit Hyperbeam? Check.
    JujY is MIGHTY pleased (and can breathe a bit better). I feel like Mitch’s face shouldn’t be making me laugh but. it is XD here’s hoping there wasn’t any friendly fire.

  9. Yes. In spite of Spooky’s quip, he has the power to push aircraft carriers around. That definitely has helped him. Especially in his younger years.

    Good memory, David. :slight_smile:

    As a writer, I think it’s nice sometime’s to give your heroes a straight win. Of course, this is just Chapter One…

    I now really want to know if it’s true or not.

    Very glad to hear it, JujY. :slight_smile:

    It is funny. He certainly wasn’t expecting the Big NO. And I love the expression Adam gave him.

  10. I looked hard in the internet and didn’t find any confirmation of that brush fire story beyond wind can push a fire in the direction it is blowing. These past few years have had terrible brush and forest fires that move from west to east with the prevailing winds. I think what I always suspected of this person is true and that he is as Bea Arthur says in History of the World Pt1 - a stand-up philosopher who coalesces the vapors of human experience…
    It makes a nice story but it also fertilizes just like my neighbor who spreads his fields with road cakes from his horses.

  11. Thank you for checking that out for me. It is a very nice story. And plausible too. Good to know I shouldn’t trust it.

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