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The Young Protectors-Spooky Jones: Genesis—Page 20

The Young Protectors-Spooky Jones: Genesis—Page 20 published on 183 Comments on The Young Protectors-Spooky Jones: Genesis—Page 20


I want to thank you all for the kind and enthusiastic reception you gave the creator of Buying Time in the comments section of his comic. The enthusiasm of your response of course says a lot about the quality of that comic (and I’m glad to see you liked it too!), but I think the insightful and warm content you wrote really says something about the community we built here. I hope you don’t get sick of me saying how proud I am to have such a wonderful, thoughtful readership on this site. But I am. Because y’all are awesome.

Oh, and speaking of awesome…


Our forty-fourth bonus page in a row! And you yet again tipped us past the target on the donation bar below. That means that, thanks to your generous donations, in addition to our regular Saturday updates, and bonus pages on Wednesday, May 21st (page 22), Wednesday, May 28th (page 25!), Wednesday, June 4th (page 27!), Wednesday, June 11th, Wednesday, June 18th, and Wednesday, June 25th, there will now also be an additional bonus page on Wednesday, July 2nd! You all RULE THE WORLD!

Special thanks go out to long-time supporter Saxon B. (who makes their seventy-eighth generous donation to The Young Protectors!) for their generous donations over the last few days!

Big hugs go out to new friend of The Young Protectors Roger M. for their super-generous $25 donation!

And finally, ZOMG!, very, very warm hugs and very deep, grateful bows go out to long-time mega-friend Christopher D. for their stunningly generous $100 donation, their sixty-ninth stunningly generous donation to this comic! Thank you so much, Christopher! You really are the wind underneath our wings!

Thank you all so much for your generous support!

So! Spooky thinks he’s a monster. We got to see a few more of the folks he met in Hell. And it seems like Amanda was telling the truth that she doesn’t get scared easily. Is Spooky’s current state the irreversible result of a boy losing his flip-flops? Or will Amanda be able to get through to him?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there! 🙂

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