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The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Truth or Dare—Page 7

The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Truth or Dare—Page 7 published on 305 Comments on The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Truth or Dare—Page 7

Hmm. Looks like the Truth is getting a bit more truthy…

I’m at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this weekend and due to some exceptional circumstances, I will have some advance copies of The Young Protectors Volume One for sale. This Con takes place in the Toronto Reference Library this Saturday and Sunday and is completely free to attend. I’ll be on the second floor at table 222 with Steve MacIsaac. It’d be great to see some friendly faces, so if you’re in the neighborhood, please stop by! 🙂

Also, thanks to a misbehaving plugin, the site was down for several hours on Wednesday night before I had to jump on my plane to Canada at 4:00 A.M. in the morning. That was no fun. What was fun was discovering this NSFW review of The Young Protectors written by a brand new reader, just discovering us. And then there were a bunch of awesome reactions to the review, like this reader, who is just so angry. And FWIW, I never spend more than 5 minutes on social media, but just today I seriously spent like an hour of time I didn’t have following all these threads on Tumblr and Twitter, just cracking up. So in  my own way, I’m having a parallel experience to what these new readers experienced.

Last Friday, I added two new Milestone Goals to my Patreon Page, featuring a brand new Full Monty painting of Tsunami by artist Marccus!


If we hit $8000/month, $5+/month Patrons will get to download a wallpaper revealing his whole body in all its muscular, tattooed Full Monty glory and if we hit $8250/month, I’ll post up a link to another wallpaper which adds a beautiful background to show the context of why the big guy is naked (and, trust me, it really is quite pretty and adds a lot to the painting.) And if we hit those Milestone Goals, $10+ Patrons will get sent high-res versions of both images once their payments are processed at the end of the month.

Marccus has done a beautiful job rendering our grumpy, but oh so sexy water bender. You definitely won’t want to miss it!

Also, when the Patrons hit $7500/month in Patreon support, they unlocked a sexy, new wallpaper pin-up — a World Spanning Wallpaper! Using the first voting link I sent, they were able to choose the first half of a sexy pairing from the major (and a few of the minor) characters from any of my comics and they chose Kyle, the hero of The Young Protectors!

Now the vote for the second half of the pairing is underway and it’s a battle to the death between Deacon with 118 votes and Spooky Jones with 116 votes (just two votes apart!). Who will Kyle be paired with? I don’t know, but Patrons are now also getting to vote on how explicit they want the pairing to be, with “Full Monty” level currently winning with over 80% of the vote!

Want to help determine who Kyle gets all Fully Monty with (and get to enjoy the results)? Voting is open until Friday, May 8th at 11:45 PM PST and new Patrons get to vote! 🙂

If you become a Patron now and choose to receive the Special Digital Rewards, you will be able to download wallpaper versions of the Full Monty Annihilator Pin-Ups, the Full Monty Spooky Romance Card Pin-Up as well the Sexy Height Chart which shows the male members of the team. You’ll also be able enjoy all the other rewards so far posted, including the “How Spooky Got His Cap” and “What Is It Like To Kiss Spooky?” short stories that folks have liked so much. This is in addition to special back-stage access to script pages, thumbnail pages and penciled pages for all new updates. And, of course, Patrons who chose to get the Special Digital Rewards (which is the vast majority) continue to receive Digital Kickstarter Rewards every Wednesday and get to see special Sneak Previews on Sunday.

Over 1050 of you have already become Patrons in the last few months. There are lots of great benefits to being a Patron, and you’d really be helping me out if you became one too. If you’re enjoying our work here and would like to see it continue (and would like to get access to all kinds of special benefits!),

please take a moment to watch the video on my Patreon page and consider becoming a Patron. 🙂

So! Commander starts to open up about a little ancient history. And Fluke gets a little surprise. What will we find out about what happened between Amanda and the Spookster? And what will this mean for all the Spooky/Kyle, Spooky/Flyboy, Spooky/Fluke, Spooky/Anaado, and Spooky/Tsunami shippers?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! 🙂

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