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Artifice Page 69

Artifice Page 69 published on 135 Comments on Artifice Page 69

Gosh. Deacon looks really scared…

We have new Fan Art from Audbot—it’s a 3D rendering of Jeff shirtless. Thanks, Audbot!

And we’ve yet again hit the donation target! This means that in addition to our regular Saturday updates and bonus updates on the 25th and 1st, there will also be a bonus update on Wednesday, February 8th! O_O You all are totally amazing! 😀

Special thanks to long-time supporters Meghan P., Jami E. & Catarina M. and a warm welcome and grateful bow to new supporter Clayton A. for their generous donations over the last few days.

Big hugs to new friend of Artifice Aya D. whose $28 donation put us over the top (Hight five, Aya!) and also to Artifice superfriends Larisa V. (who has just made their sixteenth $25 donation to Artifice! You are awesome, Larisa!) & Safiya M. (whose $35 donation was their 2nd in a week and was made well after we had already hit the target! Thank you so much, Safiya!).

And finally huge, heartfelt, jaw-again-dropped-to-the-floor android-strength hugs to Artifice MEGA-friend Ethan R. who with the battle cry of “Begun, the donation wars have” has set a new donation record with their stunningly generous $175 donation! OMG, thank you very, very much, Ethan! You are a SUPERHERO!

Thank you all so, so much for your generosity!

(And thank you all also for the amazingly thoughtful comments you’ve shared on the last few pages. Your speculation about what might happen next and your analysis of Maven’s motives and character have been a ton of fun for me to read. Smart, cogent and fascinating. Y’all make all the hard work of creating a webcomic totally worth it, you really do! 😀 )

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