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Artifice Page 30

Artifice Page 30 published on 72 Comments on Artifice Page 30


Special thanks to Katelyn M., Alexandra N., Tanya A., Laura Beth W., Janet S., Lauren S., Michelle B. for their generous donations on Saturday and Sunday and a big hug to Matthew D. for putting us over the top! You all are superheroes! Let’s please thank them (and all the others who have donated to make this page happen!) in the comments!

Page 31 will be posted at the usual time this Saturday. 🙂

And as it turns out, this page is actually really special to me. For one thing, I especially love the art Winona created for this page: the mirror effects, Jeff in panel 2, Jeff’s pose in Panel 3, Jeff tossing the paper towel, really there’s something in every panel I like. And for another, it has one of my favorite lines of dialogue in the whole comic. Can you guess which one it is?

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