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Artifice Page 32

Artifice Page 32 published on 145 Comments on Artifice Page 32

How could anyone stay angry with Deacon’s Panel 3 face? So, big things this week! First of all, I put out a request for translators last Saturday and got a resounding response. Artifice is now being translated into Dutch, French Canadian, French European, German, Hungarian,—sadly, no Klingon yet—Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish! Please give a warm… Continue reading Artifice Page 32

Artifice Page 34

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Yeah, Deacon, why? So! New Fan Art this week. This time a full-color head-shot of Jeff by Suf. Thanks, Suf! The awesome translators continue to submit awesome translations. I believe we’re all caught up on Dutch while French-Canadian and German aren’t far behind. I’d like to welcome Matt who has started translating the pages into… Continue reading Artifice Page 34

Artifice Page 36

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Hmm. Curious, huh? And I wonder what kind of “interactions” Deacon is talking about here? We have some new Fan Art by Diamond-Skull! It’s Deacon and Jeff sharing a tender moment, up close and personal. Thank you very much, Diamond-Skull! And wow, you folks have been amazingly generous this week. In just three days we’re… Continue reading Artifice Page 36