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Are my comics Patreon-only now?

Nope. I still update two, full-color pages of the current arc of The Young Protectors (Double-Cross) for free every week on Tuesday nights and Friday nights PST just as I always have.

And, of course, every other page of “Double-Cross” (and every single page of my completed comics “Engaging the Enemy” and “Past Sins” and Artifice) is completely unlocked and free to read as well.

So what’s with the blurry page I just saw?

$5+ Patrons can now read a single page ahead in Double-Cross (and I’ve set things up so those Patrons will also be able to comment on the advance pages without spoiling anything for other readers).

This is a benefit other creators offer to their patrons, and now that I’ve worked out a way to avoid spoilers while still taking advantage of my webcomic software, it’s something I want to offer to y’all. For now, I’ve just started with one sneak preview page, posted at the same time as the regular update. If this benefit turns out to be popular, though, I might be able to do more in the future.

(I also offer a 76-page, 18+ comic on this site for $5+ Patrons called Legendary. It features two of the adult characters from The Young Protectors, and it shows everything. As you know, because I want everyone to be able to read them, I don’t show full nudity in my regular updates. But my Patreon is 18+ so members of the Woolfpack can get access to a bunch of NSFW stuff.)

It’s just something additional

But just to be clear, I haven’t taken away anything from the general readership. I post a new full-color page update twice a week, just like always. I simply also post a sneak preview penciled page at the same time as a special benefit for those whose support makes this comic possible (and who make it possible for everyone to read for free.)

And that sneak preview page is where you land when you hit the Last link in Double-Cross. (Clicking Previous from the last page of Double-Cross will bring you to the most current full-color update.)

New “Most Current Page” code

The only thing that might change for you is the special Most Current Page link code, if you only want it to take you to the most current, full-color update.

The legacy code will take you to the preview page.

If you want to land on the page before that (which will be the full-color update), you’ll need to add this code to a bookmark per the instructions in my FAQ:;s:1:%222%22;s:6:%22offset%22;s:1:%221%22;%7D

Here’s another fast way to get to the most current full-color update when it updates twice-a-week:

And, of course, if you use one of my subscription methods (email, RSS, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr), you get sent the link to the most current colored page directly twice-a-week.

Super-easy and convenient.

The Young Protectors continues to update twice-a-week for everyone to read for free

So, hopefully now it’s clear that this is just a new benefit for the Woolfpack—nothing has changed for the general readership.

Readers continue to camp out and comment on every new update

And since the full-color pages are new for everyone including Patrons, everyone still gets together to comment on the updates twice a week. 🙂

Readers comment on each page on the new The Young Protectors Community site I’ve created (which has a ton of advantages over Disqus), and copies of those comments show up under each of the new, full-color pages.

And they still comment using Disqus just like always. (Just scroll down to the bottom of the full-color update page under my note and the copied Community comments.)

And if you do want a little sneak preview of what’s going to happen to Spooky and Flyboy?

Well, you’ll just now be able to enjoy that too.  🙂

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